• Building your Brand

    Infinity provides expertise in Marketing and Business Development to provide targeted solutions for your business.Get StartedLearn More
  • Engage your audience

    Whether customers desire to engage with your business by PC, mobile or social we design and deliver an experience targeted to their needs.Get StartedLearn More
  • Incubating your ideas

    Entrepreneurs! Have your idea vetted, wire framed, modeled as viable product offering for your marketplaceGet StartedLearn More
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Accelerated Services

Shorten time to market using our 24 hour delivery model, transparent project management approach and industry expertise

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Beyond Virtual

Our business analysts and project managers work with you at distance and onsite to ensure on target delivery every time.

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Transformational Services

Work with us to see beyond your technical horizon, assess, plan and deliver services to help prevent disruption of your business.

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It's a mobile world.Infinity provides the tools you need to launch your mobile proposition.


Business Analysis

Our business analysts work hand in hand with you on business validation, idea development, cost benefit, gap analysis and sizing of your plans.


Agile Management

Our project and program managers have proven experience delivering software projects large and small. We specialize in full product lifecycle management from definition, planning, legal and delivery to change control and handover.


Application Development

It's not enough in today's world, to develop a website and think that it wil be fit for purpose indefinitely. Planning for obselence while using a forward thinking iterative approach, we bring your concept to life today but plan for change tomorrow.


Product Management

We work with your product managers to coach and mentor development of user stories, market place fit, feature prioritization and management of requirements.



We architect solutions designed for your expected audience and work with you to develop logical and physical architecture, define workflows and human interactions to enhance or complete your environmental designs.



Getting your network security right in a time where your competitors are trying to disrupt your business requires good firewall rules and security design. Let us work with your teams to ensure your systems are as robust as your business plan.

Mobile Data

Business gets done on the go, on the train, at the match. Infinity has the tools to empower your mobile workforce

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Incubator Service

Getting advice from experienced and successful entrepreneurs is critical to the success of start-up companies and the groups that finance its growth. Infinity National's pre incubator program provides analytical advice, reference and development services during critical stages of formation and growth.


How we work with you

  • Our teams enjoy working with fast paced rapid application development frameworks. We work with you to create wireframes, rapidly developing concepts and enabling fast feedback and on target delivery.
    Infinity Senior PMEMEA
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Innovation and Incubation

  • Delivering services for Mellennials can require constant diligence and innovation, we help you stay ahead of the curve and identify your blind spots while partnering with you to ensure your business won't be disrupted.
    Bruce Michael
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